25 Feb 2016

How long will a polycarbonate rooflight last? New polycarbonate domes are made from UV enhanced polycarbonate materials. Guarantees vary but 10 years is the normal timescale offered but in accelorated test the product will last longer than that.

21 Feb 2016

Does plastic skylights become brittle with age in uk? Modern polycarbonate domes are made from UV enhanced polycarbonate. These are tested for discolouration & non fragilty and are guaranteed for at least 10 years. Older domes were made from Acrylic, PVC & non enhanced polycarbonate and these products did become brittle becuase of UV degradation.

08 Jan 2016

Legal opening size roof access hatch uk? There are no legal requirements concerning the roof opening size of an access hatch. The only legal obligation is complying with Health & Saftey requirements concerning falling bodies, non fragility & working at heights.

28 Nov 2015

Q. We need to have in section of skylight antislip in case of fire to walk onto. In case wet needs to be anti slip. We are not keen on this as would like skylight to remain clear as views from kitchen ceiling up would ruin visually.

A. I think you are looking at this from the wrong point of view. You should never encourage people to walk on rooflights unless the are classed as a WALK ON and you have verified confirmation of the type of traffic they can handle. Please note that most rooflights in the UK aren’t WALK ON. You would be better looking at ways to sheild the rooflight so no one can walk on it by using railings, edge protection etc.

Q. Skylight is not to walk over area but merely for emergency exit via Rooflight and then onto green roof.

A. If you use this as an emergency route and someone falls through it then you will be liable. What if the fire is in that room below. The fall might not kill them but the fire could.  I would suggest you take advice from your local fire officer.

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