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Bespoke Automatic Opening Smoke Vents

Automatic Smoke Vents (AOV’s) or Smoke Dispersal units are available in both 90 degrees and 140 degree opening. There are size limitations due to weight, so please ask.

Available in; GLASS, POLYCARBONATE or SOLID tops

CE marking is also available on certain specifications if required by your architect or building control officer.

AOV’s will have hidden, boxed actuators.

The units will fit directly to the roof deck or to a pre- constructed builder’s kerb.

A vertical kerb will keep the free vent area a constant size. The free vent area is normally at least a 1m2 in size. Please check with your architect or building control officer for your exact requirements.

All units are operated using a 24v control panel with battery backup. Other items such as smoke alarms, break glass, key switches etc may also be required.

White polyester powder coated as standard but other RAL colours available.

This can also meet current building regulations.

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