The Roof Access hatch has become an important product especially with health & safety issue concerning roofs. It is becoming more apparent that roof maintenance has become an almost daily request with modern plant & communication equipment being installed & the need to maintain on a roof. It may be impractical & unsafe to access a roof via a ladder and may also require expensive edge protection to secure your work forces safety on the roof. Other Access equipment can be very expensive to hire & may not be sufficient once the building is in use. The Roof Access Hatches can be installed close to the work area with a small amount of edge protection to enclose the working area.

Depending on the building the Roof access hatches can be either glazed or have solid lids with the opening frames. Glass or Polycarbonate will still bring Natural Light in to the building below but a solid lid may offer extra security. The Roof Access hatch can be manually operate working with gas spring rams or electrical with either 240v or 24v actuators (24v actuators would require a control panel with battery back up to operate the opening). Roof Access Hatches can be provided with handles & locks that could also open or close from the outside as well as the inside too.

Flat Glass Roof Access Hatch
Outlook Roof Access Hatch
Flat Glass Sliding Rooflight in Double Glazed Glass