All our Roof Domes are manufactured from UV enhanced polycarbonate materials and are warranties against discolouration for 10 years. Old roof domes that didn’t have UV protection will yellow or go brown/black in colour and will also warp & distort in shape.

We offer ‘off the shelf’ sizes as well as bespoke (made to measure) options. In certain circumstances we can also arrange site surveys if requested.

There is a choice between CLEAR or OBSCURE (like a bathroom window effect) as standard but both OPAL & BRONZE options are available too. Please note that the opal & bronze glazing will reduce the light transmission to below 50%.

To meet extra thermal efficiency Roof Domes can be supplied with multiple skins….An unheated car garage might need just a single skin but a domestic house may require a double or triple skin roof dome. It is worth checking with Building Regulations if a particular U value (Wm2K) is required.

Some Roof Domes can be classed as non fragile and are virtually indestructible too. Health & Safety (HSG33) insist roof domes meet the criteria to assist with falling bodies on to a roof dome.

Roof domes carry a fire rating which is classed as a class 1 surface spread of flame, BS 476 part 6 and are classed as an AA, BS 476 part 3 rating too.

Roof Domes can be supplied with or without manufactured upstands & these can also include vent options too.

Roof Domes are normally supplied with security fixings. These are tamper proof and offer maximum security for the product.

Roof domes can be cleaned using a light detergent & soft non abrasive cloth. Roof domes can scratch due to being made from a plastic material, so care needs to be taken at all times from the initial storage to final installation to protect the Roof Dome.

600x600mm Coxdome Trade Range Roof Dome & Upstand
Outlook Polycarbonate Roof Dome & Upstand
Outlook Circular Roof Dome & Upstand