What is a Roof Light?

Noun – ‘A window panel built into a roof to admit light’.

Yes but what Rooflight do you want?

Is it for a Flat or Pitched Roof for a domestic or commercial property? Well if it’s the former then Rooflights & Glazing UK Ltd can offer a comprehensive range of both Glass & Polycarbonate Rooflights for all types of flat roof applications.

What type of glazing? Well Glass Rooflights tend to be flat glass but Polycarbonate options would be domed or a pyramid in shape.

Our rooflights can be fixed or unvented, manual or electric ventilation, access or even for smoke (AOV).

Flat Glass Rooflight
Coxdome Trade Range Roof Dome & Upstand
Outlook Roof Domes & Manual Vent Upstand