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Without an upstand (fixed/non vented) – Bespoke Polycarbonate Roof Domes

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They will require installation to an existing upstand/kerb or new builder’s kerb.

Any size available up to 2400x1200mm or 1800x1800mm, larger sizes may be available, please check, but may be covered by the thermo-formed barrel vault option.

Single, double or triple skin polycarbonate is available.

Glazing options in clear, obscure, opal or bronze tints.

Supplied with either Flat or angled (MK3 type) fixing flanges. The widths of flanges start from 50mm minimum dimension.

The product is supplied the fixings & tape.

Other shapes such as pyramids & circular options are also available.

These roof domes can meet current building regulations. Please check.

AA fire rated & test for non-fragility.


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